Juni Nourishing Pack

It’s almost Mothers’ Day — our yearly occasion to find some small, meaningful gesture to pay back about one-millionth of what Ma has done for us. And XANGO has just the thing: Juni Nourishing Pack.

Moms nourish. It's what they do. Just about non-stop. From age -0.75 to 18 (or, these days, more like 25...), moms are always ready with a warm meal to restore us and help us grow. Now's your chance to return a bit of the favor.

Juni Nourishing Pack will do for your mom’s hair what she did for your mind, body and soul: It’ll restore, strengthen and add a little shine. For a limited time, this promo pack includes a second Juni Nourishing Conditioner FREE when you buy one Nourishing Shampoo and one Nourishing Conditioner. That's a $16 value! Grab a few while supplies last, for all the moms in your life.

Nourishing Pack
$32/26 PV (Save $16 = Free Nourishing Conditioner)

June Nourishing Shampoo x 1
Juni Nourishing Conditioner x 2

-Juni Nourishing Pack is no longer available