XANGO Rush is going to Melt Minds*

In addition to all the announcements, launches, and keynote speakers, we have some smashing recognition to unleash. Behold the Velvet Rope experience:

Here’s who qualifies:

  • New rank advancers to Premier and beyond (since XANGO Bold convention)
  • Go Global qualifiers/attendees (+ guest)
  • XANGO award winners (to be announced from stage)
  • Leaders who fulfilled their commitment to assign XANGO Rush tickets (from the Long Beach event)
  • iPad Mini winners

And here’s what they get:

  • Velvet Rope experience
  • VIP line at the Registration desk
  • VIP seating in general sessions
  • VIP line in the XANGO Rush store
  • A Robert Kiyosaki-signed book

If you can find yourself among that first list, get ready to enjoy the second list! And even if you’re not qualified this time, get ready for XANGO Rush and all its mind-melting* fun!

* Not really, of course. (But no one would blame you if you brought earplugs, just in case.)